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Mock Grocery Store Style Window Design |

When I was cleaning out a bunch of old “How” design magazines, this photo caught my eye. Here was the caption that accompanied it:

When design firm Maddock Douglas Inc. of Elmhurst, IL, took over more space last December, the staff brainstormed ways to announce the expansion. Instead of leaving it vacant during renovations, creative director Geoff Marko proposed making a supermarket-like storefront advertising offerings such as “Fresh Picked Ideas” instead of frozen peas.

“One of our creative tenets is that you must get a reaction,” firm president Mike Maddock says. They did. The firm received new business, tons of compliments, some. resumes-and a scolding. According to Maddock, the city forced the firm to change the display in June because a zoning code states that no more than 50% of a store window may be covered.

Sounds like city council could use a few pounds of “Great Thinking.”

Source:How Design Magazine, October 2003

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