marboro 2-page spread magazine
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MARLB0R0 Print Ads 1970s

It’s amazing how there are very little (if any) copy in these gorgeous layouts and the people are often not even using the product! They rely strictly on appealing to the market’s longing for freedom, toughness, individualism, comradery, and independence. Here are other print ads in this campaign that supported their billboards and tv commercials…

negative review as headline - oatly oat milk
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Countering Negative Reviews – Oatly Oat Milk

What a bold headline! It’s interesting that the product name isn’t in the headline or bodycopy. And no logo. Just the packaging as an identifier. Addressing product negatives up front (preemptive objection handling) is a great way to build credibility, demonstrate transparency, and proactively address any doubts or hesitations the customer may have. This approach […]

att apology advertisement
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Apology advertisement | AT&T

Interesting ad! The layout reminds me of the Sony Anyplace TV ads with the Avis “we tray harder’ message. An easy and safe approach to communicating a commitment to customer service might have been to show a bright and cheery phone agent. But to show an irate customer who happens to be at the receiving […]