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Creating a Business Backstory | Jackson’s Bluff

The collateral materials and decor at Disney Park restaurants make you feel like you’re part of an adventure. And this hotel restaurant does it equally well. Everything about the marketing materials takes you back to an earlier time. Even the website has a cool parallax effect where visitors travel over the old map (header) and […]

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Restaurant Flyer (Poster) and Menu Design Ideas | Fish (Seafood)

Personally, I REALLY dislike “Dennys-type” menus. They overwhelm you with choices and underwhelming photos. (A big menu where every item competes for the diners’ attention seems to suggest that the restaurant attempts to do a lot of things — because they don’t do anything really well!) This menu layout, on the other hand, is limited, […]

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Swedish Annual Advertising Awards Get Re-Judged

To prove that Swedish advertising award judges understand and appreciate Swedish work like no one else, three international juries from Asia, Ghana and Latvia were invited to re-judge the previous year’s winners. Revised annuals were sent to all Swedish agencies and new diplomas were sent to all winners.
(What a brilliant way to generate […]