About Us

Our Purpose & Mission

TheBigAd is run by Randy at Advertising That Works — a one-person, print design, website development, copywriting, and illustration studio located in Asheville, NC.

During his 20+ years of working for advertising agencies and business clients of all sizes and industries, he’s plastered the walls of his office with the best advertising approaches, concepts and executions of others. And a few of his own.

Some ads featured here rely on brilliant headlines. Others masterfully repurpose the headlines of others.

Some ads focus heavily on the benefits provided by their product or service and their USP (unique selling proposition). Others slip past our natural ad skepticism through wonderful storytelling.

Some ads exaggerate benefits. Others are so painfully honest they highlight their weaknesses.

Some ads utilize cutting-edge technology. Others are hand-scribbled and about as low-tech as you can go.

Some print ads test David Ogilvy’s(1) theory that “long copy sells.” While other advertisements, TV commercials and billboards demonstrate that you can communicate volumes with almost no words at all.

Hopefully, browsing through the hundreds of ‘best ads’ featured here will help jump-start your creative juices. If not, contact Randy. He’d love to put his fresh ideas and 20+ years of advertising experience to work for you.

Sources: 1. https://www.verygoodcopy.com/verygoodcopy-blogs-7/long-copy-vs-short-copy