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How to Convey ‘Easy to Assemble’ | IKEA puzzle piece billboard

How can you convey product intangibles like fast and easy to assemble? This is simple puzzle analogy is a smart, attention-grabbing method! But what is may be most interesting about this ad is that it doesn’t mention any of the well-known benefits that IKEA products are known for (decent quality and workmanship, cool Scandinavian designs, […]

texas longhorn football recruit billboard 1
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Billboards Celebrating New Recruits | Texas Longhorn Football

Few businesses could be more frustrating than college football at recruiting time. Highly talented young guys often ‘commit’ to a team, only to open their recruiting back up. Sometimes, multiple times. So Texas football came up with this great campaign so they stay top of mind for recruits and use local peer pressure to keep […]

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Great Example of Lifestyle Branding Advertising | MARLB0R0

Coke, Harley Davidson, California Cooler, Nike and even Winchester ammunition have succeeded with identity-based or lifestyle marketing–where a product is synonymous with a feeling or emotion. Product attributes or features are rarely, if ever, mentioned. In addition to their legendary print ads and billboards, here were other TV commercials in this campaign…
And here […]