chinese restaurant with extremely truthful menu
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Restaurant Menu that Really Tells the Truth | Montreal

When asked why he doesn’t remove menu items he dislikes, the owner said that he doesn’t want to offend his chef. “I try and make improvements over time, so he doesn’t snap. His English is limited, and he hasn’t read the online menu.” And besides, “It’s good to be honest. No one should be boastful.” […]

international rejudging of swedish advertising awards
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Swedish Annual Advertising Awards Get Re-Judged

To prove that Swedish advertising award judges understand and appreciate Swedish work like no one else, three international juries from Asia, Ghana and Latvia were invited to re-judge the previous year’s winners. Revised annuals were sent to all Swedish agencies and new diplomas were sent to all winners.
(What a brilliant way to generate […]

col sanders cutouts maintain social distancing in kfc restaurants
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Social Distancing Tool | KFC Col. Sanders Cutouts

Enforcing COVID prevention safety measures (social distancing, wearing masks, etc.) has become an irritant for some customers. Here is a friendly, non-confrontational approach using Col. Sanders cutouts at KFC. (This is also a great example of how clever marketing ideas can generate valuable, free news exposure for a business.) Perhaps not as clever, but equally […]