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MARLB0R0 Print Ads 1970s

It’s amazing how there are very little (if any) copy in these gorgeous layouts and the people are often not even using the product! They rely strictly on appealing to the market’s longing for freedom, toughness, individualism, comradery, and independence. Here are other print ads in this campaign that supported their billboards and tv commercials…

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Great Example of Lifestyle Branding Advertising | MARLB0R0

Coke, Harley Davidson, California Cooler, Nike and even Winchester ammunition have succeeded with identity-based or lifestyle marketing–where a product is synonymous with a feeling or emotion. Product attributes or features are rarely, if ever, mentioned. In addition to their legendary print ads and billboards, here were other TV commercials in this campaign…
And here […]

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Radio commercials that say ‘We’re just like you!” Big Lou Life Insurance

A series of very funny, highly targeted, folksy radio ads that really grab your attention! Here is how the Term Provider website introduces him… Who Is Big Lou?
Big Lou® is not a real person. He’s a fictional person used for marketing to represent an ‘every person’ idea. And, just like most of the […]