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Share a Coke Personalized Bottles Campaign

Coca-Cola printed bottles with popular names in each country/market (1,000 most common names in the US alone!) for this Share a Coke advertising and PR campaign. Here is another piece in this campaign that also appeared both in print and on billboards…
share a coke personalized bottles advertising campaign billboard

Coke reports that “Within six months of launching, there were 330 million impressions on Twitter, with nearly 170,000 tweets from 160,000 fans.”

coke employee pr campaign

Above: Coke even had 800 employees span out across Europe, sharing Coke’s and informing people how to find their own personalized bottles and cans as well as those with the names of their friends — to encourage sharing.

Coke even developed promotional gift boxes

share a personalized coke bottle gift box

… simple packaging for giving singles or 6-packs to friends…

personalized coke bottle packaging

… and point of purchase displays

personalized coke bottle point of purchase display rack


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