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Restaurant Flyer (Poster) and Menu Design Ideas | Fish (Seafood)

Personally, I REALLY dislike “Dennys-type” menus. They overwhelm you with choices and underwhelming photos. (A big menu where every item competes for the diners’ attention seems to suggest that the restaurant attempts to do a lot of things — because they don’t do anything really well!) This menu layout, on the other hand, is limited, simple, and attractive. (Plus, it is actually a design template that you can buy.)

Here is another seafood menu that does a good job, I think.
simple attractive seafood restaurant menu

Wouldn’t it be powerful if the chef or owner appeared on the back of the menu with their picture and a line or two about the restaurants commitment and mission?
restaurant owner chef personal message on menu

And lastly, since this post pertains to seafood, the flyer below certainly excites me enough to give the place a try…
best restaurant poster flyer


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