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Highlight Product Features | Volvo 340 vs. US Presidential Limo Comparison

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Which Car Would You Expect to Have More Safety Features?

The President’s special edition Cadillac as supplied by the US Secret Service?

Or the Volvo 340 as supplied by your local dealer?

Well, though the Limo may have the most spectacular features, the Volvo has the most sensible.

Admittedly it doesn’t have a bullet-proof windshield and armor-plating. But the 340 does have a laminated windscreen and door bars.

True, the 340 doesn’t have a built-in audio system to address the man in the street. But then it does have built-in crumple zones to protect the man in the car.

You won’t find a fold-down, rear bumper for secret servicemen to stand on. Instead you can rely on impact-absorbing bumpers front and rear.

And rather than make room for five bodyguards and one V.I.P., we’ve made sure that one bodyguard (a safety cage constructed of rigid steel) will keep five V.I.P.’s safe and sound.

As for the price, you’re more than welcome to spend over $100,000 on the Limousine.

However, roof bars, high-level brake light, all round vision, collapsible steering column, safe fuel tank location, and anti-burst door locks and seatbelts are all present on the 340 for £6,890.

The choice is yours. But if you want to make it a safe one, a vote for Volvo is a vote for common sense.

Source:The One Show Awards, 1989

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