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Intentionally(?) Misspelled, Homemade Road Sign | Land 4 Sale

There are plenty of signs advertising land for sale on highways near our house. But this hand-painted one breaks the mold…
1) the spelling is so cleverly awful that it’s impossible to ignore… or mention to neighbors. (After taking this photo, I forwarded it to lots of family and friends.)
2) if someone is this bad at spelling, you can’t help but think that they may be equally weak at math and business… suggesting you might get the land deal of a lifetime… if you call them before anyone else does.

We called the number but got a voicemail with no identifying information. So, it’s probably safe to assume that this sign was created by a very clever investor who has many parcels around the area for sale. And, to weed out curious callers like me, they respond only to people who leave a voicemail message.


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