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Just like Coke, Nike and Perrier ads we’ve highlighted, Harley Davidson’s ads do a great job of associating the brand with a desired lifestyle and identity, rather than focusing on product features or benefits. (As a copywriter, these can be the most challenging to write. You have to really know, think and talk like your target market to be convincing.)

Here is the copy for that featured ad above:
Give us life at ground level, rolling along the endless highway on a Harley-Davidson. 100% depressurized. Just sunlight on chrome. The voice of a V-Twin ripping the open air. And elbow room, stretching all the way to the horizon. Maybe you too think this is the way life ought to be lived. Time to spread some wings. (Phone and website.) The Legend Rolls On.

harley davidson ad uneventful life

You could eat up a lifetime pondering what to do with your days on earth. Or you could take one look at at machine like the Wide Glide®. And let gut instinct take it from there. Get a load of the high handlebar and stretched-out profile. We didn’t hold anything back in building this ride. So what’s holding you back? (Phone and website.) The Legend Rolls On.

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Be forewarned. There’ll be no keeping a low profile on this one. Raw Sportster® muscle, with a look last seen mixing it up at the local dirt track. Orange and black racing paint job. Wide flat-track handlebar. Curvaceous 2-into-1 exhaust. The new Sportster 883R. Lucky thing there’s no law against having a little fun. (Phone and website.) The Legend Rolls On.

harley davidson scenic overlooks

Turns out purple mountains don’t have a monopoly on majesty. Not when there’s a Harley-Davidson® in the vacinity. The eye is immediately drawn to the timeless metallic lines of the V-Twin. The perfect shape of the fuel tank. This is our styling tradition. As unchanging yet ever evolving as the landscape itself. (Phone and website.) The Legend Rolls On.


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