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Stand Out in Search Results and Email Subject Line with Emojis

With all the chaos fighting for attention on Google’s search results listing page and in your email box, how can you increase your chances of getting noticed? One way may be to include emojis. Their appearance varies between browsers and email clients but… because they are unexpected… they tend to attract the eye. And, fortunately, Google doesn’t penalize you for including them in your webpage title tag or meta description.

Above is an example of how an emoji can be inserted into your listing in the search results page. Below is how one can be used in an email subject line.

emoji in email subject line

To search for available emojis, visit http://www.amp-what.com/unicode/search/. There, you will also find the code needed to insert them into web pages. To insert them in email, merely copy the actual icon and paste it into your subject line or body text (no code is needed).

A tool for testing how it will look in your web page’s meta title or meta description fields is available at https://totheweb.com/learning_center/tool-test-google-title-meta-description-lengths/


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