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The Funeral commercial – VW

Here is the copy:

I’m naturally stably being of sound mind and body to hereby bequeath the following:

To my wife, Rose,
who spent money like there was no tomorrow, I leave 100 dollars
and a calendar.

To my sons, Rodney and Victor,
who spent every dime I ever gave them on fancy cars and fast women, I leave fifty dollars in dimes.

To my business partner, Joules,
whose only motto was spend, spend, spend, I leave nothing, nothing, nothing.

And to my other friends and relative who also never learned the value of a dollar,
I leave a dollar.

Finally, to my nephew, Harold,
who ofttimes said, ” A penny saved is a penny earned.”
and who also ofttimes said, “Gee, Uncle May, it sure pays to own a Volkswagen”,
I leave my entire fortune of one hundred billion dollars.


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