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Authenticity and Credibility in Advertising Design | Dannon Yogurt

Background on this campaign from Wikipedia:
Shots of elderly Georgian farmers were interspersed with an off-camera announcer intoning, “In Soviet Georgia, where they eat a lot of yogurt, a lot of people live past 100.” Each shot had a caption at the bottom, which would tell the audience the farmer’s name and his or her age, which ranged from 95 to 105. One such commercial ended with a shot of an old man eating Dannon yogurt, with a woman who was purported to be his 114-year-old mother looking at him fondly. The announcer said, “89-year old Bagrat Tabaghua… ate two cups. That pleased his mother very much.” The actual ages of the farmers shown were disputed afterwards and were never proven by the Dannon company.

Here were print ads from that campaign…


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