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Importance of Telling the Truth in Advertising

From the successes they had with VW, Avis and lesser known clients like Uttica Club (“Our Beer is 50 Years Behind the Times”), who can argue with the message in this public service ad produced by Bob Levenson at DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach)? Leo Burnett Company had a similar mantra, the “power of truth simply told.”

The book Powers of Persuasion: The Inside Story of British Advertising 1951-2000 explains why telling the truth is so powerful.

“Naturally these advertisements turned their negatives into positives, and the candid honest-to-badness approach made them all the more believable..” “The public say to themselves, ‘there’s an honest advertiser.'”

The book Artful Persuasion: How to command attention, change minds and influence people offers this…

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