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Stressing Product Convenience | SONY Pee Wee TV

The entire purpose of this product was written to stress 1) how convenient it is and 2) how much fun it is.

The writer threw all seriousness out the window and simply wrote to have fun…

Pee Wee Tee Vee

Body copy:
Climb upon my knee, Sony boy. The 4″ Sony pee wee tee vee, otherwise known as pee wee knee tee vee. (It only weighs six pounds so you’ll never get water on the knee no matter how long you watch it.) For knee TV the pee wee Sony operates on a built-in rechargeable battery pack. Thanks to its flat faced, non-distorting picture tube and directional master antenna, the picture will stay steady even if you’re in a rocking chair. For sitting-watching, it has an AC plug that fits in your wall outlet. And the nice thing about it is, when the Late, Late Show finally brings you to your knees, you can always take the Sony off your lap and put it to bed in your nighttable.

Tag line:
The 4 inch SONY television

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