perfect example of adwords headline copy

Perfect AdWords Headline Copy | Sandbags

Online advertising has to grab the eyeballs fast — either by including something irresistible (puppy photo) or unexpected or using great headlines (think ‘clickbait’). And what makes Google AdWord even more difficult is that you are so limited in the number of characters allowed in the copy. Above are two different AdWords placements that we […]

emoji in search results listing page

Stand Out in Search Results and Email Subject Line with Emojis

With all the chaos fighting for attention on Google’s search results listing page and in your email box, how can you increase your chances of getting noticed? One way may be to include emojis. Their appearance varies between browsers and email clients but… because they are unexpected… they tend to attract the eye. And, fortunately, […]

email reply that invites response

Email Response that Invites Action | UpCity Directory

After sending a site-submission request to UpCity web directory, I received this reply, asking me to click through to the agent’s calendar to reserve an appointment time. This approach seemed more inviting than the standard “please respond with when you’re available to talk” response. And it minimizes playing phone-tag.

stand out in search result pages

Standing Out From Crowd in Search Results By Owning USP | the Joint Chiro

Callout #3 in screen snapshot above:
The Joint Chiropractic stands out from all the clutter on the search engine results page (SERP) by focusing on their $29 initial visit offer. And this Unique Selling Point (USP) is consistently ‘claimed’ whether you go to the national franchisor site or click through to the local listing page.

Also worth mentioning on the Google SERP page above are:
Callout #1: The importance of claiming and monitoring your Yelp listing. Yelp consistently ranks highly for many local searches.

Callout #2: Another way to stand out from the crowd on Google SERP page: Mention in your page title that the information on your site is current (since so much on the web is outdated).

smart wording of form infield fields on website

Encourage Action with Smartly Worded Input Fields | Home Depot website

‘Let’s Protect This’ (right next to the add to cart qty field) seems so much more ‘clickable’ than a more expected, standard and boring field label, such as ‘Add Extended Warranty.’ This friendly phrase, however, would have been even more brilliant if it was being used by Lowe’s (Let’s Build Something Together) rather than Home […]