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Shocking Headline for Small Banner Ad | Clear Rear

With its unexpected wording, we found it hard to resist clicking on this banner (the competing content has been grayed out slightly). And the conversational tone of the ad’s landing page does a great job of paying off on the headline and discussing a somewhat uncomfortable topic. To create a sense of urgency, the wording […]

best homepage design 2020 | great headline
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Best Home Page Design 2020

We LOVE this home page design and headline. It is 100% focused on satisfying the visitor’s need, with not even a whiff of self-aggrandizing! The large ‘hero image’ in the background is shaded so as not to compete for attention and even the young lady’s eyes direct us right to the powerful headline and contact […]

example of great avatar image
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Example of Great Avatar

A fast, easy (almost effortless) way to attract targeted traffic to a website, I think, is to create an eye-grabbing avatar and then post comments on sites related to your industry. A well-done avatar makes your comments leap out from the generic placeholder avatars! And, if you were clever enough to create an interesting avatar, […]

perfect example of adwords headline copy
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Perfect AdWords Headline Copy | Sandbags

Online advertising has to grab the eyeballs fast — either by including something irresistible (puppy photo) or unexpected or using great headlines (think ‘clickbait’). And what makes Google AdWord even more difficult is that you are so limited in the number of characters allowed in the copy. Above are two different AdWords placements that we […]