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Newlywed groom’s first home cooked meal | Alka Seltzer commercial

One of the best ads of all time (along with I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!, Mamma Mia, that’s a spicy meatball and Try it. You’ll like it!).

Here is a bit of the history behind this commercial: https://www.nytimes.com/2002/04/06/business/marvin-honig-an-ad-talent-is-dead-at-66.html

And here is the copy:
Our first home-cooked meal. I’m glad you liked it, dear.

I’ll say. Honey, I’ve never seen a dumpling that big.

Well I considered making a lot of little ones but I wanted to impress you…with something that would really stick to your ribs

Right about where it’s stuck.


I I I said I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the whole dumpling. A shame to throw it out.

I froze it! It wasn’t on the heavy side, was it honey?

Told you my darling, it was prefect, just perfect

Let’s see what would you like for tomorrow… umm, stuffed crab surprise, dream duck delight.

(The sound of husband’s cup of alka seltzer fizzing in the bathroom.)

Is it beginning to rain dear?

No no no

Marshmallowed meatballs, real salad snails, yum… POACHED OYSTERS!

Narrarator: What love doesn’t conquer, Alka-Seltzer will


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